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The 2024 Broken Link Building Guide: Off-page Optimisation that Works!

Broken link building guide: a visually engaging, wide-aspect image representing the concept of broken link building in seo. The scene depicts a digital landscape with a broken chain link symbolizing a broken link, surrounded by other intact chain links representing functional hyperlinks. In the background, there's a silhouette of a city skyline, symbolizing the digital world and internet connectivity. The imagery is futuristic and abstract, capturing the essence of digital marketing and seo strategies in a visually appealing manner. The colors are vibrant, with a blend of blues, greens, and silvers to convey a sense of technology and innovation.

Let’s break this strategy down step-by-step: 1. Find broken links: Using special tools, you can analyze millions of webpages to identify dead links that no longer work, usually because the content was removed. This is like discovering broken pipes in a house. 2. Create useful “replacement pipe” content: You would then publish a blog post […]