Welcome to the Spark Host Brand Assets Page

At Spark Host, we’ve built more than just a hosting service; we’ve cultivated a brand that stands for innovation, reliability, and a commitment to lighting the path for our customers’ online journey. This brand assets page is a curated collection of core identity elements designed to guide you in representing our brand accurately and consistently, whether for personal or commercial use.

With its emblematic spark, our logo serves as a beacon of inspiration and the power of connection. The colour palette reflects our foundational principles, painting every interaction with trust and creativity. The carefully chosen typography ensures clarity of message and ease of reading, resonating with our dedication to customer service.

We believe in the power of community and collaboration, so we’ve made our branding elements accessible for various uses, anchored by a spirit of openness. Here, you will find detailed guidelines on utilising our logos, colours, typography, and legal information to ensure that the usage is in line with our brand’s integrity.

As you navigate this page, you will gain insight into the story behind our brand and the assets that express our identity. Whether you’re a partner, a customer, or a fan of Spark Host, we invite you to join us in sharing our brand with the world.


The Spark Host logo is a symbol of innovation and forward-thinking in the world of web hosting. It combines a striking emblem with a clean, modern typeface that captures the essence of Spark Host’s commitment to lighting the way in technology and service.

Design Story

The emblem, a stylized spark, represents the ignition of ideas and the explosive potential of businesses nurtured with Spark Host’s services. It’s composed of geometric shapes that come together to point upwards, symbolizing growth, momentum, and the aspiration to reach new heights.

The typography is deliberate, chosen for its readability and professional appearance, which reassures users of the reliability and expertise that Spark Host provides. The deep blue hues resonate with qualities like trust, dependability, and professionalism, while the gradient of blue to lighter blue signifies clarity, openness, and innovation.

Emblem Only

Spark host site icon
Mini favicon - spark host
Spark host icon

Standard Logo

Dark - 1200px

1200px RGB logo with transparent background.

Light - 1200px

1200px White logo with transparent background.

Logo Variations

  • Standard Logo: The full logo with the emblem and wordmark is used in most applications.
  • Emblem Only: In contexts where space is limited or the full logo has already been established.
Usage Guidelines
  • Clear Space: Always keep the logo clear of other graphics. Ensure there’s ample whitespace, with a minimum distance of the logo’s height around all sides.
  • Minimum Size: The logo should never be smaller than 1” in print or 72px on screen to maintain legibility.
  • Backgrounds: Use the logo on solid backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast. Avoid busy patterns or images that compromise the logo’s visibility.
  • Do Not Alter: The logo should not be distorted, recolored, rotated, or otherwise modified from its original design.

Colour Palette

The Spark Host colour palette is a cornerstone of the brand’s visual identity, reflecting its core values and mission. It consists of a primary and secondary colour scheme designed to convey reliability, innovation, and energy.

Primary Colours

The primary colours are a deep navy and a vibrant shade of blue, chosen for their connotations of professionalism and trustworthiness, as well as innovation and dynamism.

Spark Navy (Primary Dark Blue):

  • HEX: #576885
  • RGB: rgb(87, 104, 133)
  • HSL: hsl(218, 21%, 43%)

Spark Blue (Primary Light Blue):

  • HEX: #DEE4ED
  • RGB: rgb(222, 228, 237)
  • CMYK: hsl(216, 29%, 90%)

These colours are used predominantly in the logo, website, and primary brand communications to ensure immediate recognition.

Secondary Colours

To complement the primary colours, a set of secondary colours is used to add depth and versatility to the brand’s visual language.

Spark Green (Secondary Elegant Green):

  • HEX: #89c5af
  • RGB: rgb(137, 197, 175)
  • HSL: hsl(158, 34%, 65%)

Spark Orange (Secondary Flamed Orange):

  • HEX: #c56a48
  • RGB: rgb(197, 106, 72)
  • CMYK: hsl(16, 52%, 53%)

These secondary colors are utilized to highlight important information, create gradients, or for calls to action.

Usage Guidelines

  • Consistency: Use the color codes provided to ensure the colors appear accurately across various mediums.
  • Dominance: Primary colors should always be more prominent than secondary colors in any brand material.
  • Contrast: Ensure there is sufficient contrast when layering text or other elements over colored backgrounds.
  • Combinations: Avoid using colors together that may clash or reduce legibility.


Typography is more than just choosing fonts; it’s about setting the tone for how our message is received. Spark Host has selected typefaces that reflect our commitment to clarity, efficiency, and modernity.

Primary Typeface

Our primary typeface is used in our logo and headlines. It embodies a sleek, modern aesthetic that aligns with our technological edge.

  • Primary Font Name: OSWALD by vernnobile
    • Usage: Headlines, subheadings, logo
    • Weights: Regular, Medium, Bold (or as appropriate)
    • Web & Print: This open-source font-face is designed to be used on any web or print project.

Secondary Typeface

The secondary typeface complements our primary font and is used primarily for body text, ensuring readability and comfort in long-form content.

  • Secondary Font Name: IBM Plex Sans Condensed by IBM
    • Usage: Body text, captions, support text
    • Weights: Regular, Italic, Bold (or as appropriate)
    • Web & Print: This elegant typeface by IBM is designed to be used in web and print applications.

Usage Guidelines

  • Hierarchy: Establish a clear hierarchy using different font weights and sizes.
  • Legibility: Ensure text is legible across all platforms, especially for small print and digital displays.
  • Pairing: When pairing with other typefaces, ensure they complement and do not clash with our primary and secondary fonts.
  • Consistency: Use the designated fonts consistently across all mediums to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

Legal Guidelines

At Spark Host, we believe in the power of sharing and community. Our logos and branding elements are designed not only to represent our company but also to be a part of the wider community’s story. To support this philosophy, we offer free use of our logos and branding for both personal and commercial purposes, subject to the following terms of attribution.

Free-to-Use Policy

  • Personal Use: Individuals are welcome to use Spark Host’s branding elements for personal projects, blogs, presentations, and educational materials without the need for express permission, as long as proper credit is given.
  • Commercial Use: Businesses and organisations may also use our logos and branding in their commercial projects, campaigns, and related media, provided Spark Host is acknowledged as the source.

Attribution Requirements

  • Visible Credit: When using Spark Host’s imagery or branding elements, clear and visible attribution must be included near the used asset, stating “Courtesy of Spark Host” or “Image provided by Spark Host”.
  • Integrity of Use: The logos and branding must be used in a manner that does not suggest Spark Host’s endorsement of products, services, or opinions without prior written consent from Spark Host.
  • No Modification: The logos and branding elements must not be altered, distorted, recolored, or rebranded in any way that is not consistent with the original design and branding guidelines.
  • No Association: Use of Spark Host’s branding should not create a false association or partnership with Spark Host, nor should it be used in a context that is defamatory, libellous, obscene, or unlawful.

Reporting Misuse

If you come across any use of Spark Host’s assets that you believe violates these guidelines or the spirit of our free-to-use policy, please contact us.